EPISODE 33: Jennifer Knapp

Episode 33 welcomes singer/songwriter Jennifer Knapp!  She talks about songwriting, overcoming creative struggles, leaving behind a huge career in Christian music, coming back again after the hiatus, and much more!  Such a good episode!  Get into it:

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Check out Jennifer’s music, tour dates, and grab her latest record at www.jenniferknapp.com!
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One response to “EPISODE 33: Jennifer Knapp

  1. Thanks Nick…What a great session. I enjoyed the topics you both discussed and it helped me a lot with my personal creativity and the stumbling blocks that I face. Whenever I fell into a block, I would just accept it and wait until the creative juices began to flow again. I guess in my depth and hard headed-ness, I didn’t realize that I had the power to break free from that…I can be dense that way at times. Not only did I enjoy the interview, but it was extremely helpful.

    I’ve been a fan of Jennifer’s for more years than I would admit. I was one of those people that searched the web for her periodically when she was on her hiatus. So glad she is back and so glad she is making music again. All of her stuff touches me in some way, but this current record has sung my life, my pain and my passion.

    I am also an indie musician and writer (poetry). Working to someday have that courage to step out of the shadows and share me with the world.

    Thanks again Nick….

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