EPISODE 14: Matt Wertz!

Singer/songwriter Matt Wertz joins us this week to talk his beginnings in music, handling rejection, when we’re getting hoverboards, and more!

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Check Matt’s music out and more at www.mattwertz.com!

2 responses to “EPISODE 14: Matt Wertz!

  1. Great interview! I found it really interesting when Matt talked about his EP “While We’re Becoming” and how he didn’t feel like it connected and that he needed to just play it safe and give the people his “usual” sound with his latest CD. Intriguing! I thought “While We’re Becoming” was Matt’s best work and it totally seemed to stretch him and his sound. I actually wished his latest CD sounded more like that! While I love the catchy, pop, signature sound that Matt has, “While We’re Becoming” was amazing–a more mature Matt Wertz, perhaps? Matt, keep with it! Your fans will follow you! 🙂

  2. The last question and answer about hover boards was hilarious! I laughed out loud…and I’m at work…so you have now effectively made me look like a crazy person! But don’t worry…not the first time that’s happened…Great podcast 🙂

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